Transient State

Transient [tran zee-uh nt] – transitory, temporary, evanescent.

State [steyt] – the condition of matter with respect to structure, form, constitution, phase.

TRANSIENT STATE is a five-piece progressive metal band from the Netherlands. Their music, characterized by heavy 7-string guitar riffs, complex grooves, and catchy choruses, is molded into compact and action packed songs. TRANSIENT STATE finds their inspiration in famous progressive metal acts such as Periphery, Monuments, Humanity’s Last Breath and fellow-Dutchmen Textures.

Transient State members

Jeoffrey – Vocals
Bram – Guitar
Matthijs – Guitar
Thomas – Bass
Nico – Drums


The first riffs that will end up on TRANSIENT STATE’s debut album were written by guitarist/composer Bram in the winter of 2012-2013 while living in the inspiring environment of Uppsala, Sweden. Over a timespan of many months, single riffs turned into songs and early 2014 the search for fellow band members commenced. Social media was the key to solving this intricate metal puzzle and through the power of Facebook, Thomas was the first one to join on bass, shortly followed by Nico on drums. Continuous searching resulted in the addition of Matthijs on guitars. Vocalist Jeoffrey completed the line-up early 2015. Whilst continuing to write new material, old ideas were re-written and reshaped. This continuous progression through many intermediate phases inspired the band name TRANSIENT STATE, which symbolizes the temporary and evanescent nature of all and everything we perceive in life.

TRANSIENT STATE released their debut album REARRANGED in March 2017 with live shows at Complexity Fest 2017 and Volta Metal Night.

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